Lillehammer KFK J19 3

Registration number: 1092
Registrator: Lars-Arve Kronborg Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Lars-Arve Kronborg
Vetle Simensen Nerem
Sigurd Tremoen
Petter Myrvold
Terje Tollefsrud
Tonje Mathisen
Harald Toftaker
In addition to the four Lillehammer KFK teams, 35 other teams played in Jenter 19 (født 2001-2003). They were divided into 9 different groups, whereof Lillehammer KFK 3 could be found in Group D together with Vålerenga Fotball 2, Oppdal IL 2003-1 and Nordby IL.

Lillehammer KFK 3 continued to Sluttspill B after reaching 4:th place in Group D. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Langfjorden FK LFK with 1-2. In the Final, Langfjorden FK LFK won over Nordby IL and became the winner of Sluttspill B in Jenter 19 (født 2001-2003).

Lillehammer KFK also participated in Jenter 19, 2 (født 2000-02) during Lillehammer-cup 2019. They reached the final in Sluttspill A, but lost it against Fron Fotball 2010 1 with 1-3 and ended up in second place.

7 games played


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